biking with jo

    In our earlier lives, both Jo and I had done a fair amount of biking; then on the skinny wheeled things with the upside down handle bars and impossible seats, not well suited to our modern day pursuits or physical configurations.  About two years ago we rediscovered the pleasures of the sport with a couple of Trek Navigators; bikes much more understanding of our (mine in particular) advancing "maturity".

   We've since discovered that the country is filled with wonderful bike trails, many that are the "rails to trails" variety, making use of abandoned former and often historic railroad right-of-ways. Often these trails are even paved, and rarely exceed 3% grade, an apparent concession to their former use.  We're now on a mission to explore some of the trails here in the Midwest, relatively close to home.  Join us on some of our most recent tours.  Hopefully we'll have more to share with each passing month.